waianae horseback

Moonlight Tours

Check out our mahina (moon) tours. Come on a moonlight adventure with us and watch Mahina dance along the Wai’anae mountains.

Tour Dates:

  • Thurs June 28Fri June 29Sat June 30 (Strawberry Moon)
  • Fri July 27Sat July 28Sun July 29 (Thunder Moon)
  • Sun Aug 26Mon Aug 27Tues Aug 28 (Sturgeon Moon)
  • Tues Sept 25Wed Sept 26Thurs Sept 27 (Harvest Moon)
  • Wed Oct 24Thurs Oct 25Fri Oct 26 (Hunter Moon)
  • Fri Nov 23Sat Nov 24Sun Nov 25 (Frost Moon)
  • Sat Dec 22Sun Dec 23Mon Dec 24 (Cold Moon)

Waianae Horseback Moonlight Tour